Hilary Duff Shares Another Adorable Baby Picture

Hilary Duff and Luca
Hilary Duff”s son Luca Cruz is becoming quite the celebrity.

Duff has already shared pictures of her little guy looking angry and sleeping, and he never fails to be 100% adorable. In the latest shot, the 3-month-old is simply hamming it up for the cameras while on the beach with his mom.

Duff has been vacationing in Mexico with Luca – and judging by her recent Tweets, has been having a great time.

“Ahh all tucked in, baby down :),” she Tweeted late Thursday night. “Such a great trip with my favorite people [Haylie Duff] my mommy and LUCA! Goodnight tweet hearts. My eyes are closing.”

Duff has also been working on her bikini body, saying in April that “there is a little bit of pressure” on her to lose weight.