Hilarious "Ab Fab" star Jennifer has the crowd in giggles at Stella"s party


It may have been a ceremony to turn on the Christmas lights at her exclusive London store, but Stella McCartney was firmly overshadowed.

It was the new Lady McCartney”s first appearance since her wedding to the designer”s father Sir Paul.

Two months after tying the knot, Nancy Shevell was still glowing with happiness.

Meanwhile, Edina Monsoon, aka comedienne Jennifer Saunders, kept the celebrity audience – including Kate Moss and Emma Bunton – in stitches with a monologue inspired by her Absolutely Fabulous character.

In her skit, Edina, the neurotic Ab Fab PR, turned her ire on the festive season. She asked: “What is Christmas I don”t understand Christmas. Oh, where are we going to eat You”ve got to make it yourself.

“Oh, who”s going to get me a present No! You’ve got to give presents! I don”t like it,” she said.

Then, Jennifer turned to cover girl Kate and said: “Darling, you can”t compete with the fetuses they are throwing down the runway anymore.

“You can”t cope with the prepubescents they are putting in Prada. You”re going to need some PR.”