Henry Cavill Talks Excited Nephew on "Tonight Show"

Henry Cavill Talks Excited Nephew on

During promotions for his highly anticipated superhero flick, Henry Cavill paid a visit to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday (June 6).

While chatting with the late night legend, the Man of Steel star told a darling story about his little nephew.

Once Henry told the young relative about his Superman role, Henry explained, My nephew Thomas was so super excited… he ran to school.

Now keep in mind Thomas has got a great reputation for telling stories and just making up stuff to the teacher [at school], so he goes to school dressed in a Superman outfit, because you know he”s all pumped, because his uncle is Superman. And the teacher says, Thomas why are you wearing this You”re not supposed to wear this to school.””

Cavill went on to say, Well, because my uncle is Superman, and she”s [the teacher] like, Oh okay, and she pulls him aside… he got in trouble.

Watch the rest of the interview below!