Hells Angels Sues Young Jeezy Over Skull Logo — Hells No You Don’t

Exclusive 1028-hells-angels-young-jeezy-getty
The Hells Angels don”t need baseball bats and chains to protect their image — all they need is a good lawyer, which is exactly what they got to sue rapper Young Jeezy“s clothing line … claiming Jeezy”s company jacked their iconic Death Head logo.

The fabled motorcycle club filed the lawsuit against 8732 Apparel for essentially reprinting the Hells Angels logo on jackets and hats … and selling them for a massive profit.

The 8732 design isn”t an exact rip-off … but Hells Angels claims it”s close enough to confuse people.

HA claims 8732 has already earned substantial profits from the bootleg merch, and the motorcycle club wants every last cent of that money.

The club is now suing for unspecified damages. It also wants a judge to force 8732 to stop selling anything with an HA-looking logo on it. Calls to 8732 were not returned.

FYI, this isn”t the first time the Hells Angels went ballistic over someone stealing their logo — you”ll recall, they sued Rob Dyrdek”s clothing company and MTV last year for the same thing.