Heidi Klum & Martin Kristen: Starbucks Sweethearts

Heidi Klum & Martin Kristen: Starbucks Sweethearts

Looking to beat the heat with some icy cool refreshment, Heidi Klum and Martin Kristen showed up at Starbucks in Brentwood yesterday afternoon (May 21).

Joined by Klums daughter Leni, the loved-up duo sipped Frappuccino beverages as they strolled up the street and ran some errands.

And while Heidi understands the value of nutrition and staying fit, her kiddos seem to need a little help staying healthy.

Klum explained, “I”ve never really done a real diet. My New Year”s resolution for 2013 was to start every day with a fresh juice. We make an effort every morning — we peel pineapples, apples, lemons, bananas, kiwis, ginger and berries and we make delicious smoothies.”

“Some of my kids don”t love it so I decided I would pay them a dollar if they finish their drink. All of the money goes into their piggy banks — they have collected a bunch of money since January 1. What”s good for them is good for me as well.”