Heidi Klum: ??Germany??s Next Top Model? Duties in LA

Heidi Klum: ??Germany??s Next Top Model? Duties in LA

She never seems to stop working, and earlier today (February 12) Heidi Klum showed up in Los Angeles to film scenes for her Germanys Next Top Model gig.

Sporting an all-black ensemble with black sunglasses, the gorgeous German hostess seemed to be in great spirits as she smiled while waiting for the next take.

And when shes not working her magic for the cameras, Heidi is a doting mother who believes in teaching her children responsibility by giving them tasks and encouraging good manners.

Klum shared, They have to do chores. I am a stickler about saying, `please` and `thank you`. But I am sure I do spoil them – for Christmas or birthdays, they get lots of presents. Or they love going to Chuck E. Cheese`s but they have to earn that.”

“I am a loving and organized mother. You have to be organized with four kids otherwise they gang up on you! When we go to the park they run in different directions. So it`s like, `Whoa, where`s this one I am constantly counting.