Heidi Fleiss Evicted — You're a Very DIRTY Girl

Heidi Fleiss
Heidi Fleiss
is being forced out of her place of business in Las Vegas, has learned –after the former Hollywood madam allegedly turned the place into a dungheap.

Heidi”s landlord served her with an eviction notice on November 21st — demanding she clear the premises of her dog-grooming business “Dirty Dog Laundry” asap — but we”re told, she hasn”t moved jack.

Sources tell us, the landlord served her because Heidi hadn”t been paying her rent — and worse … she turned the place into a dump.

Heidi tells us, she gave up on the business months ago because she”s planning to move back to L.A. — and handed the place over to a friend … who promised to take care of it.

But clearly, her friend dropped the ball — because we”re told the place is still a giant mess. And the landlord is pissed … telling friends, she”ll clean the place out himself if she has to.