Heidi Fleiss ARRESTED — Driving While Stoned … Takes Terrible Mug Shot

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Heidi Fleiss
had a bad morning, REALLY BAD — “cause after she was busted for driving while high on weed … she took one of the worst mug shots we”ve ever seen.

Cops say the 47-year-old former Hollywood she-pimp was tooling around Pahrump, Nevada around 3:30 AM in a 2010 Toyota Cruiser while baked on the green stuff.

During the stop, cops say they found 4 ounces of pot and $10k in cash.

Fleiss was eventually hauled to a nearby cop shop, where she was booked for DUI (marijuana), possession of weed with intent to sell, and driving without a license and insurance.

Heidi”s penchant for pot is nothing new … back in August, officials say they found nearly 400 POT PLANTS at her home. Fleiss said she was growing the weed for a cooperative in Vegas.

In fact, Heidi is scheduled to appear in court for the weed jungle case tomorrow.

She”s gonna have some serious “splainin” to do.