Heejun Han: Jennifer Lopez Fought to Save Me on Idol

Heejun Han
The American Idol judges gave Heejun Han a standing ovation Wednesday night, but when the public voted him at the bottom of the competition, even Jennifer Lopez couldn”t convince the trio to save him.

“[Lopez] told me she was trying to save me, but [Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson] didn”t listen to her,” Han told reporters following Thursday night”s results show.

He explained during a call Friday morning: “She came up to me, and she had the teary eyes, and she said, “I was convincing them to save you, but I lost.” “

“It”s only her vote [that] counts for me,” he added. “So I was kind of sad.”

Lopez has been a vocal supporter of Han, whose personality and sense of humor won him fans early in the competition, and he has in turn been an even more vocal supporter of his “favorite judge.”

“She smells so wonderful,” he told reporters, complimenting her “really, really good perfume.”

Ever the joker, Han also said Lopez “gave me her number and she told me where she”s staying.”

As for the other judges, Han has no hard feelings.

“They have their own perspective towards the performers, and I didn”t satisfy them,” he says. “I have no bad blood.”