Heather Mills — No Leg to Stand On … In Court

Heather Mills skiing with one legHeather Mills got shut down by a judge, who turned down her request to delay a settlement meeting over a lawsuit … so she could ski her heart out in Aspen.

Heather was required to show up for a mediation by the end of March, but she filed papers on March 20 asking for permission to delay the hearing because she was training for the 2014 Paralympics — in Aspen, of course.

Heather is being sued by her former publicist … who claims she was a nightmare who made false allegations that Paul McCartney was a drug-abusing wife-beater.  The publicity company also claims it got Heather a shot at being on “Celebrity Apprentice” but she would only agree if Trump would rig the competition so she would win — Trump scoffed at her.  And the publicists say Heather stiffed them on the bill.

The judge denied Heather”s request.