Heather Graham in Maxim June 2013: I Kind Of Hate Vegas

Heather Graham in Maxim June 2013: I Kind Of Hate Vegas

With the final installment of the “Hangover” trilogy nearing its anticipated premiere, Heather Graham heated up the cover of Maxim”s June 2013 issue.

While rocking a skimpy Zimmermann Hawaiian-inspired swimsuit for the James Macari-front page shot, the 43-year-old actress dished about returning to the set of the hilarious comedy and her lack of crazy Vegas stories.

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On reprising the role the exotic dancer, Jade:
“[Director-writer-producer] Todd Phillips sent me an email! It was really fun to see everyone again; it felt a little like a reunion. Everything”s different in away because the movies they”ve done since the first “Hangover” have all been so successful, but everything”s also exactly the same.”

On Jade”s changed personality:
“Night and day. My character is completely different and in a totally different circumstance. She”s not a stripper anymore.”

On the movie”s tagline “It all ends”:
“They say that, but you never know. In five years maybe they”ll be like, “Let”s make another bajillion dollars. I have spent all that money!” But Todd probably can”t spend all that money because he made a lot.”

On thoughts about Sin City:
“I”m not really a big Vegas person. I”m more, “Let me go to a yoga retreat and do yoga three hours a day.” I”ve definitely gone and partied, but I kind of hate Vegas, to be honest. It”s kind of disturbing.”