HBO's "Girls" Coming At Us with a Shining New Season!


Three years after the hit show “Girls” premiered on HBO, the iconic comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20″s is back for a brand new season, and it is sure to be full of all the same drama, laughs and excitement!

The beginning of the show”s new season finds Lena Dunham”s character, Hannah Horvath dating Adam Sackler dating, with Hannah in perhaps the best financial and emotional position she has been in yet.

We will also catch up with Jemima Kirke”s feisty female lead, Jessa Johansson as she finds her way in the world, alongside Allison Williams” broken-hearted beauty, Marnie Michaels, as she deals with a dead-end job and a break up with her long-time boyfriend, Charlie Dattolo.

Zosia Mamet”s confused and convicted character, Shoshanna Shapiro will also be seen experimenting more raunchy trends, including hair styles, make-up and bedroom charades.

Lena followed up the overview of the new season by stating that she continually refreshes and investigates her Twitter account after episodes air for news and updates from her fans, discovering “whether things feel real, because that has always been the intention of the show.”