Hayley Williams Talks Paramore's Reunion in NYLON April 2013

Hayley Williams Talks Paramore's Reunion in NYLON April 2013

Her band Paramore is finally reunited after a long hiatus, and now Hayley Williams is rocking the cover of NYLON”s April 2013 issue.

The 24-year-old singer donned a collection of designer duds from Topshop and Balmain for the Marvin Scott Jarrett-shot front page while opening up about the process behind writing a new album and being a rocker chick.

“The fame aspect of what we do is so stupid to me. I literally feel like an idiot,” the “Brick By Boring Brick” songstress explains. “All I want is to be that normal person…I love that side of myself so much more than the side that dresses up and poses for a camera, or that”s on a magazine cover.”

“Being onstage–that sort of empowerment that you get is not male or female. It”s just raw energy. I don”t feel like I have to be sexy and a girl, or sexy in any way. I like to play hard, and I love to prove people wrong. It never bothers me being in a male-dominated world. In the past, when guys heckled me, I would just heckle them back,” Hayley explained.

While discussing the band”s fall out, Miss Williams says, “It went from being like, “Hey, we don”t want to be in the band anymore” to this really hairy online situation, where I was like, “How did this happen Why is this happening” I know I”m a smiley person, but when I get hurt or when I get upset, I can definitely turn crazy. And I felt crazy for a while, like, “When is this going to go away””

“But it did, finally, and I”m more thankful for the good that”s come out of it than I am upset about the bad that went down,” she adds.

In regards to the band”s comeback album “Paramore,” the young rocker said, “Writing the new record, we didn”t want to go backward. We wanted to move forward, so we made a conscious effort to do it. It felt like we were kids starting a band for the first time.”