Hayden Panettiere — Proof She’s Banging Wladimir Klitschko … Kind Of

Exclusive 0218_hayden_panettiere_paparazzle
Hayden Panettiere
is soooo banging her ex-boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko — just like we predicted weeks ago — and our sources finally has the rock-solid proof we”ve been waiting for … sort of.

You”ll recall, we talked to Hayden back in January at LAX — where she insisted she and the 6″6″ Ukrainian boxing champ were “just good buddies.” But we had a hunch it was MUCH more than that.

And now we have the PROOF (kind of) … because photos were snapped yesterday in Hollywood, Florida … where the probably-back-together couple was seen cuddling on a couch at Beach Taco Shack.

Specifically in the pics … Hayden is all smiles (and lookin” super hot) while holding Wlad”s hand … his arm is wrapped tightly around her body … and there”s obvious sexual tension.

Only logical conclusion … it”s on like Donkey Kong. Sorry Scotty.