Hayden Panettiere in Nashville Car Crash — Accused of Blowing Red Light

EXCLUSIVE 1130-hayden-panettiere-tmzHayden Panettiere was involved in a BMW vs. Geo Prism car crash in Tennessee earlier this month … our sources has learned … and a witness told cops it all could have been prevented if Hayden hadn”t run a red light.

The crash occurred on November 14th in Nashville — where Hayden films her show “Nashville” — and according to the crash report, the accident occurred for two reasons … 1) Hayden ran a red light … and 2) the other driver turned into Hayden”s lane.

According to the report, Hayden was driving in the right lane through an intersection when the other driver made a left turn into her lane — instead of into the left lane.

A witness reported Hayden had a red light at the time of the accident.

According to the report, both vehicles were towed from the scene — but thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. Calls to Hayden”s people were not returned.

FUN FACT: Hayden uses State Farm insurance … like a good neighbor …