‘Have You Seen Molly?’ DJ — Madonna’s Right … My Song Ain’t About Drugs

The song in the middle of the Madonna ecstasy controversy isn”t about drugs … it”s about a girl named “Molly” … this according to the guy who wrote the lyrics.

You”ll recall — Madonna appeared at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami this weekend … and asked the crowd, “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly” In case you didn”t know … “Molly” is a slang term for MDMA, the key ingredient in ecstasy.

DeadMau5 slammed Madonna for encouraging drug use — but Madonna responded today, insisting she was simply referring to a friend”s song called “Have You Seen Molly”

Now, this “friend” — a DJ named Cedric Gervais (left) — is coming to Madonna”s defense, insisting his song is NOT about drugs … it”s about a girl named Molly who, according to the lyrics, “makes me want to dance.” See below for the yet-to-be-released song”s “teaser” video that was definitely not inspired by party drugs.

This just in — Britney Spears” song “If U Seek Amy” is totally about her lost friend Amy.