Has the internet completely lost it? Attempt to make dressing up cats with BREAD next web trend

Are you over planking? Bored of owling? Tired of Tebowing?

A Facebook group dedicated to dressing cats in bread, and promoted by blogs across the internet, is attempting to create a new internet trend.

‘Breading’ could be taking off because it combines apparently random behaviour with the web’s favourite animal.

It encourages its followers to post their own pictures of the wacky activity, and suggests that they might like to try using tiger bread to do it.

But while there is no doubting the authenticity of the photos uploaded by enthusiastic cat-owners, the breading craze may not be quite as much of a grassroots movement as it seems.

The craze got a big boost from blog site Gawker, which claimed yesterday morning that ‘all the cool kids’ had started breading – and just an hour later boasted: ‘Now people can’t stop talking about breading!’

By the evening, another post appeared which claimed that breading had already ‘jumped the shark’ and lost its cool exclusivity.

The whole thing seemed like an elaborate inside joke, spoofing the nature of short-lived crazes which are more likely to be talked about than actually participated in.

Nonetheless, plenty of internet users seem happy to use their cats as tools for their own amusement, and perhaps breading really will catch on in the long term.

If you want to do it yourself, you need only two ingredients: bread and cat. Soft bread is recommended, both for your own convenience and for the cat’s comfort.

Punch out a head-shaped hole in the middle of the bread, and insert your cat’s head therein.

And be sure to take a picture, to capture that special moment for posterity.