Harvey’s NFL Pick (Week 5) — The Chicken Or the Reg?


With a commanding 3-1 record, Harvey Levin IS ON FIRE PEOPLE!!!!

And he”s looking to extend his streak with ANOTHER week of NFL domination in our Week 5 matchup — Packers vs. Lions.

So, heeeeere we go!

Evan: You look confused … what”s the problem
Harvey: Well, I started favoring Detroit just because I love Hitsville, USA almost as much as life itself.

Evan: But …
Harvey: But a deeper analysis leaves me stumped. Here”s the thing … I had huge problems with the whole Nate Burleson story, “cause if he can”t handle a pizza, how do they handle a football

Evan: Makes perfect sense.
Harvey: I know. Plus, I like Reggie Bush … he seems unencumbered by Kardashian baggage and he”s moved on nicely.

Evan: So, what”s the problem You”re worried about Green Bay
Harvey: Aaron Rodgers has been a little bit of a disappointment both on and off the field. I still can”t get over him reneging on that jersey bet … but maybe that”s just me.

Evan: No, he”s a giant chicken. Everyone knows this. What about GB defense Clay Matthews, he”s a beast.
Harv: Clay Matthews might be a little cautious now that he”s the poster boy for a smooth face.

Evan: And that worries you
Harvey: And that worries me … so I”m going with Motown.

Evan: Good luck.