Harvey’s NFL Pick — Patriots Will Win Because Tom Brady Hates UGLY


Tom Brady“s gonna have to earn his millions in week 4 of NFL action as the New England Patriots face a tough road opponent in the Atlanta Falcons.

The Pats won 2 games by the skin of their teeth this season. Harv can relate … he”s 2-1. So, let”s find out who our pigskin soothsayer is riding this week …

Charles: New England at Atlanta, who ya got
Harvey: I”m going with New England … because the one thing Tom Brady, and especially Gisele, don”t like is ugly. And Brady has had ugly wins pretty much all season.

Charles: Except for that Bucs game, but that”s the Bucs. Why not pick Atlanta at home
Harvey: I like the Falcons good enough. In fact, one of their star players used to live with this news chick I know in L.A. — but it just comes back to Brady being a winner.

Charles: I hate to say it, but Tom Brady is getting kinda old, and Matt Ryan”s the young gun.
Harvey: In a weird way, Brady has to be especially charged because Ryan is gunning to be the next Tom — maybe a little too much.

Charles: You keep saying you think Brady”s got retirement on his mind, but —   
Harvey: Look, everybody thinks I”m crazy to say it, but if you saw Brady”s house in L.A. … let”s just say it beats a brownstone. So, I think he wants to go out with a bang, and we”re not just talking Gisele.

Charles: Going with the underdog, eh
Harvey: 1 1/2 points That”s bulls**t.