Harvey Levin’s Week 2 NFL Pick — Colin Kaepernick Will Look Good with One Eyebrow


No rest for the San Francisco 49ers this week who take on the rival Seattle Seahawks … in what we”re calling Eyebrow Bowl I.

Harvey “Hervis” Levin fell to 0-1 after picking the Giants last week. Can he recover Let”s find out …
Charles: Big NFC West showdown between the Niners and Seahawks … who ya got
Harvey:  Remind me what city the Seahawks play in [pause] Seattle! Let the record reflect I guessed it on my own

Charles: So, your pick Remember, this is the Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson eyebrow bet game.
Harvey: Right. Well, I”d like to think of this in terms of who would be more awesome with one eyebrow, and ironically the more awesome should be the loser.

Charles: [look of confusion]
Harvey: So, I gotta go with Kaepernick. Which team does he play for

Charles: You know they”re gonna chicken out on the bet, right
Harvey: I believe the bet should be true, and they should not go the way of Erin Andrews, or rather … Aaron Rodgers.

Charles: So, let”s be clear … who are you picking to win
Harvey: The Seahawks. Anyway, I”ll be playing tennis.