Harvey Levin Picks NFL Winner — Send In the Backups!!!


After suffering yet another loss, Harvey Levin (4-5) has been BENCHED. But fear not, we found two resident football experts to take his place … Shevonne and Anna.

The Week 10 matchup is Jets vs. Seahawks … take their advice at your own risk.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!!!

Question: Who ya got
Shevonne: I like the Seahawks.
Anna: I like the Jets … wait, the Jets are from NY right Ok, I like the Jets.

Question: Explain your picks
Shevonne: Sanchez sucks … and the Seahawks won last week.
Anna: After Sandy, the Jets are totally pumped … it”s good karma. They”re gonna win.

Question: Are you guys gonna watch the game
Shevonne: I  don”t plan that far in advance … I might go to Barry”s Bootcamp
Anna: No, I have a brunch

Question: How will Tebow do
Anna: Isn”t he with Camilla Belle I predict it”s gonna be cold and he”s gonna have good sex and they”re gonna win.
Shevonne: They don”t sleep together stupid.
Anna: Yes they do!
Shevonne: Stupid.