Harvey Levin Picks NFL Winner — Ray Lewis Is Gonna Be Pissed!!

IT”S FINALLY GAME TIME!!!! And Harvey Levin is ready to jinx pick the team he thinks is gonna take home the Lombardi Trophy. It”s 49ers vs. Ravens in the frickin” SUPER BOWL!!!!

Heeeeeeeere we go!!!

Question: Who ya got
Harvey Levin: I got San Francisco … but I”m more than a little bent out of shape over the whole Chris Culliver situation. In case Culliver is reading this, by bent out of shape I”m not talking about …

Question: You don”t care that Tyler (your assistant) is a huge Ravens fan
Harvey Levin: Screw him. This is business.

Question: How do you feel about the 49ers that hit the strip club
Harvey Levin: I think it”ll make them far more relaxed … and focused.

Question: And what if Ray Lewis is reading this 
Harvey Levin: If Ray Lewis is reading this … I didn”t mean to offend you, no disrespect, please don”t hurt me.