Harvey Levin Pick NFL Winner — ‘The QB Has a Cool Last Name’

After an unnecessary SECOND bye week, Harvey Levin (5-5) is still looking to gather some NFL momentum for our Week 13 match up — Rams vs. 49ers!

Harvey just phoned in some pearls of football wisdom from his vacation … Heeeeeeere we go!!

Harvey: “There”s NO DOUBT San Francisco is going to win. Here”s why …”

“First of all, the QB (Colin Kaepernick) has a very cool last name.”

“More importantly … he went to the University of Nevada, which is located in Reno … and there”s probably not a lot to do other than play football and gamble.”

“And since he was too young to gamble, he probably logged more training under his belt than any other QB in the county.”

“… I”m going back to my vacation now.”