Harry Styles Says Twerking is "Quite Inappropriate" and It's "Promoting Promiscuity": Watch Here!

Harry Styles Says Twerking is

Everybody has an opinion about Miley Cyrus” raunchy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and fellow attendee Harry Styles of One Direction isn”t afraid to say what he thinks about it.

At the “This is Us” premiere in New York, the boy band was asked by Moviefone about twerking to which Harry replied, “I think it”s quite inappropriate. Especially for the age groups it”s aimed at.”

When asked about the young age of their fans, the 19-year-old continued, “When they”re twerking, yes. I think it”s, you know, promoting promiscuity.”

Though the rest of the gang seemed mixed as to their feelings on the move, Harry has clearly shown that he is not Team Miley. Check out a video of the interview below.