Harry Styles of One Direction "Pantsed" by Liam Payne During Performance

Harry Styles of One Direction

Boys will be boys, and when you put five of them onstage together, shenanigans are bound to occur. That”s exactly what happened when One Direction”s Liam Payne pantsed bandmate Harry Styles on Friday night (April 5).

While the young Mr. Styles was singing the final solo in “What Makes You Beautiful,” the band was positioned behind him when Liam swiftly pulls down his pal”s jeans, exposing his undies.

However, the ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift took it in stride and kept on singing as he readjusted his pants.

Though legions of female fans may disagree, Harry recently told Look magazine, “I don”t think I can ever get used to any amount of attention I get. In no way am I a sex symbol, definitely not.”

Check out the funny moment in the player below!