Harry Styles — I’m Pretty Sure I’m Not Bisexual

Breaking News 0730-harry-styles-gettySorry gentlemen … Harry Styles doesn”t swing both ways — at least, he”s “pretty sure” he doesn”t.

The One Direction singer was talking with British GQ, when he was asked about rumors that he was hooking up with a dude named Nick Grimshaw — a big TV and radio host in the U.K..

“We”re not dating, no. We”re just friends,” Styles said.

The interviewer pushed the topic a little harder … saying, “So you”re not bisexual”

To which Harry replied, “Bisexual Me I don”t think so. I”m pretty sure I”m not.”

So, it seems Harry might be straight … after all, he did recently date Taylor Swift.

… not that there”s anything wrong with that.