Harry Styles Attends Alexa Chung's Birthday Bash in London

Harry Styles Attends Alexa Chung's Birthday Bash in London

Dedicating some time to a friend while in Britain”s Crown Jewel city, Harry Styles attended Alexa Chung”s birthday party at the Edition hotel on Saturday (November 9).

Stylish in a red and white striped button down over a white tee, the One Direction singer sported a pair of black skinny jeans and brown high-top shoes.

In related news, the 19-year-old has caught the attention of fans a critics alike with his cutting edge sense of fashion. Being a regular at the London Fashion Week back in September, Harry was asked if One Direction would come out with a clothing line.

Although he was doubtful about the band endorsing a clothing collection, Harry said that he is a huge fan of British star Henry Holland, who uses bold slogans in his fashion creations.

“The clothes and colours are fun. He does cool things,” Harry said. “I don”t really experiment with clothes, so it”s always good to see other people do it.”

He also spoke with Glamout Magazine about his own personal style, saying, “It”s strange to wear a T-shirt and two days later see a lot of other people wearing it.”