Happy birthday, Johnny Depp! See what"s in his stars and yours today…

Happy birthday, Johnny Depp! As the Pirates of the Caribbean actor turns 51, ! Online take a look at what the stars have in store for Johnny and you…

All who seek wisdom soon realise how important it is for people to learn from past experience. Some of us, indeed, make a special effort to regularly review the past and check it for lessons that have yet to be taken fully on board. All this is laudable but it can sometimes lead to a different kind of problem. What if we don”t fully understand our own history What if we assume that “this is what went wrong and must never happen again” when actually, some other decision or plan was at fault. Be careful what you rule out this week.

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Johnny Depp

In the 1980s Johnny Depp became a teen idol in America for his role in TV show 21 Jump Street, but the 51-year-old is now an international superstar, known throughout the world for his unique characters in films such as Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Depp has spoken publicly of how 21 Jump Street made him feel forced into becoming a product, and from then on he decided to only take on roles which he loved.

In 1990 he teamed up with director Tim Burton for Edward Scissorhands, which followed Edward, a creation who looked human but was left with scissors in the place of hands due to the untimely death of his creator. The film was a box office success and began a lifelong collaboration between Johnny and Tim.

Johnny”s career has often been defined as iconic and his characters as “loners”, and in 2003 he starred in Pirates of the Caribbean as the rambling, often-drunk pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. The character however quickly became a big hit with the public and was a big part of the draw to the film. Modelled after drummer Keith Richards, the role garnered Johnny his first of three Academy Award nominations.

He reprised the role for three sequels, each of which was a commercial success.

Johnny married his childhood sweetheart in 1983, but their marriage ended in 1985. He went on to become engaged to Winona Ryder, before later dating Kate Moss. In 1998 he met French singer Vanessa Paradis and the pair have two children together, a daughter Lily, and a son John “Jack” Christopher.

In 2012 following months of speculation Johnny and Vanessa announced they had separated.

Johnny is now engaged to his Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard.