Happy 21st Birthday! Miley Cyrus?? Top Five Live Performances

Happy 21st Birthday! Miley Cyrus?? Top Five Live Performances

Shes grown up before our very eyes, and singer/actress Miley Cyrus has finally reached the pivotal age of 21!

In honor of the Hannah Montana babes big day, weve compiled some of her most vocally solid performances, devoid of all the twerking controversy and foam finger tomfoolery. After all, this girl can really sing!

1. Jolene from Cyrus Backyard Sessions [Summer 2012]
Getting back to her southern roots, Miley opted to cover this Dolly Parton classic, backed by a stripped-down acoustic band.

2. Summertime Sadness BBC Studios [November 12, 2013]
Showing her penchant for covering other artists, Cyrus selected Lana Del Reys Summertime Sadness and once again, the minimalist approach to the music really allowed her voice to shine through it all of its raspy glory.

3. Youre Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Jimmy Kimmel Live [February 2012]
Her appreciation for the music of Bob Dylan really endeared Miley to fans she may have never won otherwise. With nothing but a guitar and a microphone, Cyrus owned the audience by the time she sang her last note.

4. The Climb CNN Heroes [December 2011]
Long before she writhed around naked on a wrecking ball while Terry Richardson filmed the whole thing, Miley inspired the good folks at the 2011 CNN Heroes event. While definitely younger-looking at that point, Cyrus still sounded just as mature as she does today.

5. Wrecking Ball Saturday Night Live [October 2013]
Following a dramatic transformation (think haircut, tongue out, racy wardrobe), Miley bared her soul as she belted out her heartbroken lyrics with the backing of a full rock band.