Halle Berry Testifies at California State Capitol

Halle Berry Testifies at California State Capitol

Speaking out on an issue close to her heart, Halle Berry testified before California”s Assembly Committee on Public Safety on Tuesday (June 25) in Sacramento.

The expectant mother was on hand to lend her support to an anti-paparazzi bill, which would limit the ability of photographers to take pictures of celebrities children, citing her own daughter Nahla as an example saying “My daughter doesn”t want to go to school because she knows the men” are watching for her.”

As part if her speech, the “Call” actress shared a story about a run in her family had with shutterbugs when returning to LA after a vacation, which scared her little girl.

“She asked, Mommy, are they going to kill us” She didn”t get to sleep until 3 a.m. because she can”t get this out of her mind, and she doesn”t understand what just happened to her,” she told the committee members.

The bill would allow for penalties of ten days to one year in jail for each harassment offense.