Halle Berry Gives Birth — The Heat’s On Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry gave birth to a baby boy Saturday … and now the pressure is on all of the adults to make sure there are no more Thanksgiving Day bloodbaths.

Halle delivered the baby where many celebs do ..  Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.  

So here”s the rub.  The new baby daddy is Halle”s new hubby, Olivier Martinez.  But there”s a second baby daddy in the pic — Gabriel Martinez, father of 5-year-old Nala.  

Nala spends most of her time with Halle and Olivier, but Gabriel is an involved, good parent — with a temper.  Olivier also has a temper, and deadly hands.  

The baby and Nala are going to bond, and it”s going to be more difficult now for Nala to “disappear” when she”s with Gabriel.  

The question — are the adults going to behave.

Stay tuned.