Hailee Steinfeld: Sirius XM Cutie

Hailee Steinfeld: Sirius XM Cutie

Heading out for more promotional duties for her highly anticipated film “Ender”s Game,” Hailee Steinfeld stopped by Sirius XM studios in New York City on Wednesday (October 23).

The 16-year-old actress donned a leopard shirt with black leather pants as she enjoyed a cold beverage on the busy street.

Recently, Miss Steinfeld discussed how excited she was when she first heard about her role based on the bestseller by Orson Scott Card sci-fi flick.

“Reading the script, I thought, “How much fun is this going to be to film” Hailee stated. “When you go back through [the book], it has some really serious elements that really came into perspective when we were thrown into this boot camp. Thankfully, we were able to have some fun but it was intense.”

Also discussing her co-star Harrison Ford, the “True Grit” star joked, “Lots of people will ask if I even known who Harrison Ford is. His work was definitely carried across my generation. Working with him was just the coolest experience.”

In regards to her role as Petra, Miss Steinfeld said, “Somewhere in their story, every character I have played really comes through as a young woman, learns to stick up for themselves, creates their own voice and becomes comfortable in their own skin – I really love that.”