Hailee Steinfeld Praises Keira Knightley in Fashion March 2013

Hailee Steinfeld Praises Keira Knightley in Fashion March 2013

She has a plethora of films on the horizon and in the meantime, Hailee Steinfeld rocked the March 2013 cover of Fashion magazine.

The 16-year-old actress donned a collection of gorgeous duds from Lanvin and Delfina Delettrez for the Mark Williams and Sarah Hirakawa cover shoot before opening up to the mag about a number of topics, including working with Keira Knightley.

We have a few highlights from Hailee”s interview below. For more, check out Fashion magazine!

On fashion designer Prabal Gurung:
“I love Prabal Gurung, so hes always an option. I remember sitting in the front row to watch his show at fashion week and the music came on and all these gorgeous clothes had such a message. All these strong-willed womenholding their ownwalking down his runway looked as gorgeous as ever. I walked away feeling like thats what Id feel like when I would put his clothes on.”

On working with Keira on “Can a Song Save Your Life”:
“It was my first time filming on the streets of New York. It was very overwhelming the paparazzi were surrounding us everywhere because the crew caught so much attention. I didnt know how to handle it so I looked at Keira for help. She was just so graceful, so calm and collected.”

On staying grounded:
“I think the second I get wrapped up in how to be a role-model, thats when things may go wrong, At the end of the day after I finish work or school, I go home and I do everything that a normal teenager has to do. Im really no different.”