Hailee Steinfeld Dishes on BFF Taylor Swift During "Ellen" Interview

Hailee Steinfeld Dishes on BFF Taylor Swift During

During promotions for her new flick “Ender”s Game,” Hailee Steinfeld paid a visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday (October 29).

During her interview with the talk show host, Hailee revealed her excitement when she received a nomination for an Academy Award at the age of 14.

“I definitely had no idea up until that point [how important the award show was]. I would watch the Oscars with my family, but would tune out after the red carpet,” Miss Steinfeld explained. “It”s a huge honor and I was so nervous. I remember driving there and looking at the carpet and not knowing how I was going to make it past the carpet let alone the entire show.”

When discussing her BFF Taylor Swift, Hailee states, “She”s amazing. We hang out, bake and talk about boys and stuff. And we watch hours of cat videos on YouTube and we just take pictures with [Taylor”s cat] Meredith.”

While continuing to discuss Taylor, Ellen asked, “Have you scared her You should do that. Are you scared easily as well”

The 16-year-old answered, “I do. Maybe that”s why I won”t scare her because I know she would get me back.”

As Ellen and Hailee continue to chat about her not attempting to scare Taylor, someone dressed as “Scream”s” Ghost Face appears on stage and surprised Hailee.

“Awe, you didn”t see that coming!” Ellen joked. “But yeah try to scare her tonight. Before she sees this.”

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