Gwyneth Paltrow — I Got My Motorcycle License, So Watch Out!

Exclusive 0917-gwyneth-paltrow-npg-3Gwyneth Paltrow now has the legal right to put her child in harm”s way on a Vespa … because she just got her motorcycle license … our sources has learned.

Our motor vehicle spies tell us … Gwyn went to the DMV in Santa Monica this morning and tooled around the office on her infamous Vespa as the DMV employee watched … and she passed!  She also passed the written test, so G.P. now holds a motorcycle license.

Here”s what Gwyneth CAN”T do … what she did last week, when she pulled away from the curb with Apple riding bitch, smack in front of a school bus that fortunately came to a screeching halt, averting disaster by feet.

Gwyn got in and out fast.  BTW … she also renewed her regular license and did a TAKE 2 with her DL pic … because she didn”t like the first one.

Hold on tight, Apple, because Mommy”s coming home.