Guy Fieri Faces Off Against His Hairdresser

Guy Fieri Faces Off Against His Hairdresser

Shielding himself against a rain of fists and curses, super chef Guy Fieri was reportedly involved in a fist fight with hairdresser Ariel Ramirez today (October 30).

Landing at San Francisco International Airport, the spiky-haired 45-year-old and his hairdresser had reportedly been drinking on their flight, and got into an argument, which quickly became heated.

A source stated that, “It was just a bunch of guys fooling around things got a little rowdy. Guys are guys, and everybody”s fine. They will continue to work together.”

Claiming that no one was left on the dirt by the side of the road, the same source said Fieri”s manager hopped out of the SUV and escorted Ramirez home in a cab.

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