Greg Halman, Seattle Mariners Outfielder, Murdered over Loud Music?

Greg Halman
News of Greg Halman”s murder in the Netherlands has left players from around the league, particularly Halman”s Seattle Mariners teammates, in shock.

Police are still trying to determine the circumstances that led to Halman”s death, though a new AP report suggests that an argument over loud music may have prompted Halman, 24, to walk downstairs in a Rotterdam apartment complex before he was stabbed to death early Monday morning. Police arrested his 22-year-old brother, whom they are calling a suspect in the murder.

Halman had been part of the Mariners organization since he was 16 years old. General Manager Jack Zduriencik described the outfielder as a “fun guy to be around.”

“There are a few players on our club that were with him for many years who are crushed by all this,” Zduriencik said during a radio interview, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Halman”s teammate, pitcher Dan Cortes, told the Seattle Times that the news of Halman”s death “ripped my heart out.”

“It was just a blow to my gut. He was like a big brother to me,” Cortes said. “I”ve just been pacing around here not knowing what I”m doing. I can”t even eat right now. I can”t do anything. … I”m just devastated.”