Green ‘Power Ranger’ — Jumping Out of a Plane … to Celebrate ‘MMPR’ 20th Anniversary

Exclusive 0828_skydive_power_ranger

Get ready to feel old … cause 20 years ago today the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” premiered on TV — and one ex-teenager with attitude is commemorating the day by free falling from 14,000 feet in the air.

Jason David Frank a.k.a. the Green and White Ranger tells us he felt like celebrating twenty years of “MMPR” by going to Skydive Spaceland in Houston today to jump out of a plane.

Frank says the aircraft opens from the back, military style, so he can get a running start before plummeting to the ground at 120 mph.

The 39-year old actor says he can”t believe “Power Rangers” debuted 20 years ago … and assures “MMPR” fans that his return to the show next season will be awesome … adding, “I can”t wait to continue living the legacy of the Green Ranger.”

JDF”s been jump crazy lately … he also skydived out of a perfectly good helicopter earlier this week. Check out the footage… it”s insane!