Green Bay Mayor — Furious, Tells NFL Honcho Roger Goodell … Get These Refs Out!

EXCLUSIVE 0925_schmitt_greenbay_gooddell
The Mayor of Green Bay is so pissed about last night”s game — where replacement refs ROBBED the Packers of a win — he”s going straight to the NFL”s head honcho to demand the real refs get back on the job … our sources has learned.

Mayor James Schmitt tells our sources he”s drafting a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell … urging him to end the ref lockout because it”s compromising the integrity of the NFL.

Exhibit A — last night”s refs robbing the Packers of a win by incorrectly calling Green Bay”s interception in the endzone …a touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks. The Pack lost 14-12.

Schmitt says, “This is not right. I understand talent costs money, but when it comes to the crucial role of the referees … it has to be a top priority.”

Hizzoner is in a unique position because he”s also a shareholder in the Green Bay Packers — the only NFL team publicly owned.

But the Mayor makes it clear … “We are not protesting losing the game. We are protesting the quality of officiating.”