‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Star — TV Actors Are Chumps … It’s the Video Game Generation

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Grand Theft Auto 5” star Shawn Fonteno (who plays Franklin in the game) believes the age of TV actors … and even film actors … IS OVER … because video game actors are taking over the game BIG TIME.

Fonteno was hanging out by his skyscraper-sized “GTA” billboard last night in Downtown LA … and hearing him talk, it”s incredible. He”s straight-up the real-life version of Franklin from the game. You gotta listen.

We ask him a bunch of questions — about in-game strip clubs, how much $$$ he got paid, everything — but the best part of the clip is when he craps all over TV actors.

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Only a handful of films have ever pulled off numbers like that … “Avatar,” “Titanic,” “The Avengers” … so we gotta ask …