Google Glass — High-Tech Spectacles Make Oscar Party Appearance

Exclusive 022613_ann_launch
The future IS NOW …. “cause our sources cameras happened to catch a woman sporting a brand new pair of the highly anticipated GOOGLE GLASS eyewear on her way into an Oscar party Sunday night.

The woman — who calls herself Ann — was on her way into the United Talent Agency”s Oscar party at the Beverly Hills home of UTA chairman Jim Berkus … when we noticed the glasses.

FYI — Google Glass is said to be a sort of “smart glasses” device … in which users can bark orders like “record video” or “take picture” or “give me directions to …”

A video screen then appears in the upper left hand corner of the lens … sorta like how Arnold Schwarzenegger viewed information while functioning in normal society in “The Terminator.”

It”s unclear why or how Ann got her hands on a pair of the futuristic spectacles … but she gave us a pretty cool demo right on the street … tapping the arm of the glasses and vocally commanding the device to take a photo of our camera guy.

Ann then uttered the words. “OK Glass” … and shared the photo with one of her friends.

We asked if the glasses were living up to the extreme hype … to which she said, “It”s pretty cool … instead of you have to have a camera right now, it can just video tape you.”

When asked when they would be released to the general public, Ann told us, “It”s coming soon.”