Goldie Hawn’s Son — I Have the World’s Greatest Mom! She Bought Me a House

Goldie Hawn is the kind of mom every kid wants — aside from introducing your hot mom to your friends, she gives her kids houses.

We were digging through some official records and found  last month … Goldie gifted one of her houses to her son, actor Oliver Hudson.

We”re told Goldie bought the house in October, 2009, and put both her name and Oliver”s on the deed.  The house was purchased for $2.09 million.  BTW, it”s not exactly a starter home — it”s a really cool spread in Brentwood, CA … 4,000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, etc.

Then on May 21, documents show Goldie filed a “Gift Deed” with the country, giving her son full title.  The document specifically says Goldie got no money in return.

Oliver”s a successful actor … he”s currently on “Rules of Engagement.”  But it”s nice to have a mom who cares.