"Glee's" Jenna Ushkowitz and Charice Remember Cory Monteith

It”s been just over a week since Cory Monteith died, but the kinds words and tributes from his friends and co-stars are still continuing to pour in.

On Monday (July 22), the late 31-year-old”s castmates Jenna Ushkowitz and Charice spoke out on the tragic passing of their friend and fellow actor.

Taking to her Twitter page to leave a heartfelt message along with a picture of the cast, Ushkowitz, who played Tina Cohen-Chang on the hit musical series, wrote, “I am so grateful that Glee brought this group of extraordinary individuals together to form a family. I was lucky enough to closely experience the love and light that Cory shared with the world, as well as having the privilege of traveling down the road together on a once in a lifetime journey. Cory always reminded me to be gracious, kind and open, and he will leave a mark in my heart forever. Thank you everyone for your constant support and love while we mourn the loss of our dear friend, and continued support to Cory”s family, and to Lea [Michele].”

Following suit with a similarly warm message, Charice detailed the beginning of her friendship with Cory through a guest blog on CNN. “I remember the last time I shot for “Glee,” it was May 9, 2011. It was a long shooting day that swelled into the wee hours of the following morning. I was a tad emotional when the clock struck 12 midnight — not because I was tired — but because May 10 was my birthday. And I, a girl from the barrio of Gulod in the far-flung Philippines, was alone in America.”

“But Cory came to the rescue, just in time, with his sweet greeting: “Happy birthday, Charice!” A big smile crossed his handsome face. There was sincerity in his tone as he gave me a tight hug. He became family to me at that moment,” Charice added.

Handling the news with as much positivity as she can, the 21-year-old actress finishes, “I am confident he”s singing with the angels now. I am more than confident that his suave style, his cool attitude about everything will endear him more to his new-found winged friends in the afterlife. To his fans around the world who mourn his passing, I am with you. I know how it feels. Let”s hold each other”s hand. Let”s remember Cory and continue to celebrate his music, his craft, his life. He will forever be in our hearts.”