"Glee" Returns to Tuesdays on FOX Starting in Late February

Finally returning to Tuesday nights beginning February 25th of 2014, “Glee” will remain on FOX, and it”s upcoming show will cover Ylvis” breakthrough hit, “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say).”

The November 28th episode involves puppets, strangely acting as lookalikes to the characters on the show. Fans will rejoice to learn that both Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert will return for the episode as well.

In related news, Bard Ylvisaker shared with MTV in October that, “We made “The Fox” song and we thought, “We have to beat Lady Gaga.”…. It takes a fox.”

“It”s really crazy,” the Norwegian comedian added. “Everything that happens now is really strange and crazy and we”re just in for the ride. We don”t know where it stops, but we”re here as long as it lasts.”