Ginnfer Goodwin in Prestige Hong Kong: We Clearly Still Live in a Male-Driven Society

Ginnfer Goodwin in Prestige Hong Kong: We Clearly Still Live in a Male-Driven Society

Stepping off the set of her hit ABC series “Once Upon A Time,” Ginnifer Goodwin garnered herself a little added exposure by covering the July 2013 issue of Prestige Hong Kong.

While donning designer duds from Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani for the stunning spread, the “Walk The Line” beauty opened up about acting roles for women and reveals her big or small screen preferences.

Check out GossipCenter”s recap of Miss Goodwin”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Prestige Hong Kong magazine!

On picking television over movies:
“I prefer TV, to be honest. I believe we are in the golden age of television, and I like growing and changing with a character. I like the longevity. The lifestyle is far more pleasant. I know a show can be cancelled at any time. But instead of only having that monetary security in three-month chunks, at least I know Im going to work for nine months at a time. Im a workaholic and I love that.”

On “Once Upon A Time”:
“I love my character. I am a Disney-o-phile, and I was raised on fairy tales. Fantasy is one of my absolute favorite genres in terms of what I like to watch. I took the role for selfish reasons. I knew I would be jealous of the actors in it, if I wasnt in it. I knew it would be fun, and that my inner eight-year-old would be delighted. I havent made a lot of films that my future children can watch, and I was delighted to be part of a project that they could.”

On the struggles for women in Hollywood:
“I never understood that, to be honest. We clearly still live in a male-driven society. And they certainly make a lot more money than we do. There are a lot more male parts, but I dont think there are necessarily many good male parts. Men open movies, so there are technically more roles, but I wouldnt want a lot of those roles. My biggest complaint is that there arent more movies being made. When I started out in 2001, there were a million movies being made. Now, everything is a tent pole film. A lot of movies I love dont get greenlight. They dont come together.”