Gia Allemand's Boyfriend Opens Up about her Suicide

Gia Allemand's Boyfriend Opens Up about her Suicide

He”s been dealing with the loss of his late girlfriend Gia Allemand, and now Ryan Anderson finally opened up about her suicide with Times-Picayune on Monday (September 30).

During the interview, the 25-year-old basketball player reveals the struggles he”s been facing since finding Gia in her home on August 12 and what it feels like to be in New Orleans at this time.

“Every day is a challenge. It helps to be here, my family”s with me.” Mr. Anderson explained. “To be with my teammates helps a lot, but it”s a roller coaster.”

On the verge of tears, Ryan continued, “I praise God every day to have Him in my life. It would have been very, very hard to get through these steps if I didn”t have Him, to have God, to have Jesus Christ in my life.”

“You know when you”re thinking about something and preparing for something and it seems a lot more difficult, but when you go through, you overcome it, and each step of the way has been something like that,” he added.

Also discussing the team”s constant support, Ryan stated, “I feel really glad that coach asked me back when he did. I”ve been here for a few weeks now and just being around the guys, being at the gym, just having some sort of routing back, it helps a little bit.”

The couple dated for more than two years and faced relationship troubles over their future together leading up to her sudden passing, which was rumored to be the reasoning for her suicide.

But Mr. Anderson pushed the gossip aside and two days after Gia”s funeral service, he wrote a heartfelt state to her.

“Every second of everyday, I miss you. I feel lost without you but find strength knowing that you are in Heaven. Rest in peach my love.”