Gerard Butler??s ??Olympus Has Fallen? Press Duties in Moscow

Gerard Butler??s ??Olympus Has Fallen? Press Duties in Moscow

Showing some love to his Russian fans, Gerard Butler showed up at a photocall/press conference for his new film Olympus Has Fallen in Moscow today (March 29).

Joined by costar Aaron Eckhart, the Machine Gun Preacher hunk looked cool and casual in a black jacket and jeans.

Butler told press that the experience of making the flick was so intense he had to take an extended break from his career just to decompress.

I”ve been making Olympus for a long time, so I thought it was time for a break. I decided to travel. In the past six or seven weeks, I have been to Scotland, England, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia – all for different reasons.

But, mostly for travelling, just going to places and seeing friends… But, the real highlight for me was in Thailand, becoming a monk. I was hiding out in temples a lot.