Gerard Butler probably hooked up with Lindsay Lohan at the Marmont

These are some photos of Gerard Butler last night at the Lakers game. Um… dear God. Gerry does NOT look like the picture of health, does he? I’ve been saying this ever since he got out of rehab (after only three weeks): the man isn’t interested in being clean and sober right now. Right out of rehab, he was back at cocaine-soaked Hollywood parties, doing the rounds and looking increasingly bloated. Reports indicate that he’s been seen out, “sweating profusely” and “slurring”. And look at him in these photos – bloated, unhealthy, gross. Ugh. Damn, Butler! This is what happened when I left Gerry for Michael Fassbender. He went to a very dark place.

An even bigger indicator that Gerry is not on a good path? He’s spending time with Lindsay Lohan at the Chateau Marmont, which at this point is pretty much LL‘s ho stroll. Now, this is not the first time the Cracken might have been Butler’d – there were rumors about a Butler-Lohan hookup in 2009 (at an event in Morocco), as well as 2010 (partying and hooking up in LA). And now this…

It was a (typically) star-studded night at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont.

Lindsay Lohan may have (mostly) been preoccupied with her cell phone during her evening out with friends – she was glued to it, constantly texting, as were her pals – but that didn’t stop her entirely from taking notice of fellow celebs. The starlet jumped out of her chair and ran to give Emily Blunt a hug when she saw the British actress approaching. They shared some pleasant small talk – and smiles – before Blunt headed away with her friend.

Soon, though, Lohan had another visitor: Gerard Butler, who arrived on the patio after midnight and sauntered over to the garden bar near where Lindsay and her friends were seated. The two were laughing and telling jokes, and Butler kept his hands on both sides of her chair as he leaned in close to talk. She was soaking up the attention and even asked him to come closer so she could whisper in his ear.

Butler seemed to be in a relaxed, great mood as he chatted up Lohan and his friends.

Ugh, it’s like The Butler and Terry Richardson are the same person at this point. Gross. So… I’m completely over Gerry. I feel bad for the guy, I guess, but my patience and my pity for the man has pretty much run out. He doesn’t seem like he’s serious about getting clean, and he definitely doesn’t seem interested in dating women with any kind of quality. Lindsay is the very definition of “low-hanging fruit” in LA.