Georges St-Pierre — Jean-Claude Van Damme Is a Real Life BADASS

Exclusive 080113_gsp_launchHe was a joke in “Street Fighter” … he sucked in “Double Team” … but Jean-Claude Van Damme could BEAT YOUR ASS in real life, so says UFC champ Georges St-Pierre.

A well-dressed GSP was out being a badass in NYC yesterday when we asked if he thought martial arts legend Bruce Lee would be able to dominate in today”s UFC (c”mon, of course he would).

But Georges said the superfight he”d REALLY like to see is Van Damme vs. Chuck Norris — “I think that would have been the best showdown.”

GSP says he”s trained with JC in the past and says the Muscles from Brussels is no joke when it comes to fighting (see: final scene from “Bloodsport”).

Of course, Chuck Norris is kind of a badass too — he once FOUGHT A BEAR!

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