George Zimmerman’s Lawyers — Money Is No Object … Anymore

Exclusive 071713_zimmerman_lawyers_launch
They asked the public for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for George Zimmerman“s defense … but now that the case is over, GZ”s lawyers are living the high life– eating at one of NYC”s most expensive restaurants.

our sources cameras rolled as Mark O”Mara, Don West and the rest of the team left the famous Nello restaurant in NYC earlier today … where the lobster bisque will run you a cool $43.

Sources tell our sources the gang was seen drinking champagne inside the restaurant … and when it comes to the bubbly at Nello — even the cheap stuff is expensive.

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OK for lawyers to celebrate


OK for lawyers to celebrate

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On the way out, the lawyers told us they still believe the jury in the Trayvon Martin case made the right decision — “[Zimmerman] was not guilty from day one.”

They also said the food at Nello”s was excellent.